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We create effective websites that deliver results. Hundreds of clients from all over the world entrusted us with their business. 

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изработка на сайт

Website Development – Let’s Begin with a Name

Do you have an idea about the name of your future business? Check if it’s available here: 

Development of a website at Super Prices

Strategy comes first for a successful website

MySuper.Site is a web design, web development and marketing company. We put the strategy first when creating a website. Your website’s purpose should be to gain more targeted traffic and to turn this traffic into clients and we develop a strategy in order to achieve it.

Based on our experience in website development and optimization and our work with other businesses, similar to yours – we include all aspects of a pretty good website that delivers results. 

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Website Development 

Your business needs a website! Knowledge, experience and a good strategy are needed for an effective website. We consider your requirements, but combine them with the ones required by the market. The result is a qualitive, beautiful and working website that will exceed your expectations. And we offer pretty good prices, too.  

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You DON’T need limitations or to pay for a subscription. Our e-commerce websites come with a great price, no limits and full functionality. You pay once and sell as many products as you like. In a world of endless possibilities – your online store should follow. 

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Often people need something more. We’ve developed packages for other website types, such as: real estate websites, hotel booking websites, product catalogues, tourist agencies websites, etc. If you don’t find what you’re looking for – send an inquiry. 

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3.5 billions of searches are initiated every day, only in Google. With such a huge competition for top results in SERP – being visible is a key factor. But only with an expert analysis of the keywords and mastering the SEO – your business will gain the visibility it deserves. 

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Hundreds of clients from Bulgaria and all over the world trusted us. 

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Development of a website at Super Prices

Here, at MySuper.Site we always strive to meet the different financial capabilities of our customers. We offer both the development of budget sites and individual design projects that 100% meet your requirements.

We will give you the attention you need, no matter how much you spend on your online presence.
We have offers for start-ups, low-budget, and those for developed and proven businesses. You can browse our projects in our portfolio to see for yourself.

What Does Each of Our Websites Have?

There are several things that we find mandatory for each site. Without them – just not worth investing in its creation.

Perfect Responsiveness

Properly arranged mobile version – today sites are viewed more from mobile devices than from computers (about 55% of a smartphone versus 45% of a computer). That is why it is extremely important that your site not only has an adaptive design, but that it is well-arranged for all types of devices. And not only this! Google looks at the mobile version of your site first, and then the desktop version.

Perfect Possibilities for Future SEO

Proper SEO structure – why do you need a site if it is never well indexed by search engines? The factors for good SEO optimization are many and could not be described in a few words. But it is very important that the site is 100% ready for optimization. If some of the important fields are structurally missing – such as the title of the page, for example, it would be difficult to achieve good optimization.

Easy Administration

Last but not least – administration. Unless you want to pay extra for any future changes to professionals to make the adjustments. And not only! If you wish, you can add new materials (which is highly recommended), promote your site yourself and gain even more customers, and why not fans?

изработка на сайт

Our Best Offers

Бюджетни сайтове с дизайн по темплейт

BUSINESS SITE for any activity
Fully functional and EFFECTIVE site
Online store with convenient features and no restrictions
from €600
Sites with a variety of features for all types of needs
SEO on a site made by us
from €150
Flexible, low-risk solution - ideal for small businesses
Development of a website at Super Prices

Individual Offer

We partner with businesses of all sizes and at all stages of our development. Send your inquiry if your search does not fit into any package, or if you do not know which one is right for your needs.

From Our Portfolio

What Our Clients Say?

We do not expect you to trust us “blindly”. See what our clients share about our work together. And make sure they are true by seeing all the reviews about us on Google and Facebook.

Breath of Fresh Air

Petia was definitely a breath of fresh air for my business when we had to redesign our website. She was very pragmatic and her straightforward approach delivers tangible results quickly. Her vast experience was invaluable when shaping the new content.

Nik Vaklev / Techccino Ltd.

Successful Collaboration

I like the approach of MySuper.Site’s professionals. They analyzed my business, created a strategy, and only then started developing the website. As a result, I got an optimized, visually attractive web page with a steady traffic flow.

I like that the designers adjusted the size of all the photos I’ve sent to them. Besides, they added links to the social media networks, integrated Google Analytics, and added a handy admin panel. In this MySuper.Site review, I will tell you about the services they provide in detail.

Kate Gross / Journalist for

You Won’t Regret

Petia is the web designer you want to engage. She is immensely supportive and takes care of even the pickiest change requests. I sometimes wondered, how she was enduring my German perfectionism, but she did – without batting an eyelid. On top of bringing your website to life, she will advise you on hosting options and everything else you need to ensure a successful launch of your online presence. In one sentence: hire her – you will not regret your decision.

Olaff Lohmann / Alice Chat
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Development of a website at Super Prices
Geek Out With Us

Wondering if You Need a Website at All?

You are still not sure that you need a website? We describe the main reasons to have one below.


We live in a digital age and your site is a marketing tool #1. A person spends an average of 24 hours a week online. Consumers expect companies to be online (and have a website, not just a social profile!) and believe that a company without one is less professional.


One of the benefits of a small business site is that you are where your customers are. 97% of consumers search for online local business, and 93% of online activities start with search. There are over 3.5 billion Google searches a day, and someone is currently searching for your service. Guess who will find – not you.

Finding customers

Customers find you easier

63% of users use the site with the intention of contacting the company. Combine this with the fact that 93% of online actions start with a search. Another reason? Consumers use an average of 3 sources before making a purchase decision. 30% of them automatically “cut” a company from the list if it does not have a website.

The lack of a site destroys the trust of the user. In fact, 75% of users say they judge a company by its website design. People do business with those they trust, and the site is the first thing they base their trust on.


Create a site with an attractive design, optimize it well enough for search engines – and you will fight directly with the leaders in your field.

Social media is not enough
You think you don’t need a website because you’re on Facebook.
You are wrong. You need a website, even if you have a Facebook page.
And guess what? It is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to connect with users on the platform. After the last update in Facebook’s algorithms – organic access (the one you don’t pay for) dropped even more. And one more thing – in 2018 people spent 50 million hours less on the platform compared to 2017.
Social media can support your business, but don’t rely on just one channel, especially in the future. You do not actually own the page, it is owned by social media and you are obliged to comply with its rules.
When you have a website – it is your property and you determine the rules.

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Development of a website at Super Prices
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Development of a website at Super Prices
How Much Does a Web Site Design and Development Cost?

The price is determined depending on the complexity of the workmanship. In order to guide you – one One Page site costs about EUR 300, and a more complex site with online reservations and payments, for example – a little over EUR 1,000.
We always strive to offer the option that is sufficient for your needs – nothing in excess, and nothing in the red.

How Long Does it Take for a Website to Be Built?

On average, a site based on a CMS system is made in 10-14 working days. Of course, depending on the complexity – this period can be doubled. An important factor is also the workload during the construction order.

Do You Offer Only WordPress Websites?

Usually we can offer the best price with WordPress. As the most popular CMS in the world, with the most extensions and templates – it is also the most competitive. It is also among the best for future SEO, and for future upgrades. Therefore – in the largest percentage of cases we work with WP. Of course, we have worked with all kinds of CMS.