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Just a 'pretty' site is not enough.

We make EFFECTIVE sites.

We believe a site needs both the beauty & the brains.
Because being just 'pretty' hardly works... Unless you are Monica Bellucci. 

Geek Out With Us

Web Design Agency That Puts You First

MySuper.Site offers you great price - quality ratio for your new website creation and is aimed at your success.

Your Site is an Investment

The site is a powerful marketing tool, which works for you 24/7. We all know there is no employee who can do that. That's why we find it really important for your site to be working properly.

By working properly we mean converting. It's not nessessary to pay a ton of money for functions you don't need and which your users find difficult to use and annoying. Your site is going to have one main purpose - get calls, get emails, get orders - etc. And we're gonna help you structure your site in such a way that your site users will easily fulfil this purpose.

Of course we are web designers and we seek beautiful sites. Our inner self seeks beauty everywhere. And in no means we're going to make a functional website without the looks!

To cut the long story short - we're going to combine beauty with the brains. And we all know that this is the excellent, 100% working combination.

Because when you win - we win. Let's be honest about it.

We Offer You:

Business Sites

Site for your business - structure everything in the best way, so that it's easy for your clients understand what you offer AND easy for them to contact you.

Online Stores

You want to sell online? This is the perfect option for you. Full functionality, great design and even greater price. Check our offers!

Landing Pages

You need a page for your special product or service? You want to convert even better? This is the best option, especially if you already have a site, describing or offering all your products/services.

Sites With Special Functions

You need a properties site? Or maybe a product catalogue? Do you need an online booking system for your hotel? We can offer all kind of sites with special functions. Just fill in our Free Quote and we'll give you a price.

What All Our Sites Have

Responsive Design

Good structure for your mobile design - today sites are viewed more from a mobile device than from a desktop (about 55% for mobiles compared to 45% from desktops). That's why it's highly important your site not only to have responsive design, but it to be rightfuly structured for any resolution. And not just that! Google has started their mobile first indexing - which means they are viewing your mobile version before your desktop version when indexing your site.

Great Google Indexing

Good SEO structure - why do you need a site, if it cannot be indexed properly from crawling bots? The factors for a good SEO are a lot and couldn't be described in a few sentences. Yet, it's very, very important your site to be 100% SEO ready. If there are missing parts from your structure - like Page Meta Title and Description for eg., it would be difficult to optimise well.

Easy Administration

Last, but not the least - administration. Unless you want for each further change to pay additionally to professionals to make it. And not only! If you want - you can add new content (which is highly recommended - for both your users and Google), to popularize your site by yourself and win more clients and fans.

We Put Strategy First

We are not interested in simply creating your site. We want your site to work. And we know how to make it work.

Web design services are widely offered today. But what is important is to find a web designer who is highly aware of the latest design tendencies, knows how the users think and react and even has some knowledge on psychology. Becase honestly - all actions on your site will be driven by the way you impact the user's senses.

Your website shouldn't be just for some information. It must be working for you as an employee. We want to give you the most experienced employee possible.


MySuper.Site is your partner for:

  • Business sites
  • Online Stores
  • Landing Pages
  • Hotel Sites
  • Properties Sites
  • Car Transfers Sites
  • Ads Sites
  • Tourist Agencies Sites
  • Any Kind Of Special Sites

Our Process

Our process is pretty simple and well-worked. Communication is the key. You can read the steps below to get an idea of the way we work. What we want to remind you is that your site needs to work - work for you. The users need to easily navigate, we need to keep the nice UX and most important - your site needs to convert.

Send Your Quote

Send your quote so we can learn how to help. We'll going to contact you to determine your goals.

Design & Development

After understanding your needs and we agree on your project - we begin working on the design and uploading your content, being focused on your goals.

Testing & Training

After the main job is done, we're testing all functions and checking all buttons. We'll guide you trough our CMS system and share our tips for better SEO and conversions.


When all tests are over and we're sure your site is properly working - it's time to put it live and wait for your rewards.

What Our Clients Say

MySuper.Site were extremely loyal, fast and all we asked for was professionaly made. The name MySuper.Site fully represents their work and the final result.

Lizard Studio


MySuper.Site exceeded our expectations on all aspects of our website project. They spent careful time understanding the features and functionality of our vision of the website and translated that into very detailed wire frames and a UI/UX experience that surpassed our highest expectations....and stayed within our budget. I would strongly recommend their firm for any website design and work...for companies of all sizes.

Cronic Padres


I'm deeply thankful for your efforts, nice attitude and quality work. I'm fully satisfied of the result.

Vesea House


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