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MySuper.Site - Who Are We?

MySuper.Site is a web design company.

We believe the strategy comes first. Our approach is to focus on results – and for thus we start with a strategy. 

Your site’s main goal should be to convert – to receive more targeted traffic and to change the user into a client. 

Based on our experience in both web design and working with other businesses, simlar to yours – we include all aspects of a good site, that converts. 

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MySuper.Site - What do we offer?

Business sites

Your business needs a site! For a good site are required enough knowledge, experience and properly developed strategy. We carefully review both your requests and the ones of the market. The result is a beautiful and working site that will exceed your expectations. 

E-commerce sites

You DON’T need e-commerce site with any limitations and subscription taxes. Our e-commerce sites are on great prices, without limitations and with full functionality. You pay wonce and offer as many products as you need. In a world where the sky is the limit – your e-commerce site should be the same. 

Landing Pages

A powerful marketing tool, which you should use properly. Our goal is not just to create a ‘pretty’ landing page. We are aimed at a maximum effective landing page, that sells. You will get an optimized and rightly strucured page, aimed at conversion. 


In many cases your business site needs special functions. We offer real estate sites, hotel booking sites, product catalogues, tourist agencies sites, classified sites and many more. Contact us with more details. 

Why Us?

Why choose us for your web design partner?

We definitely don’t say we are the best. We’re not that bold. But be sure we’ll put not only our knowledge and experience, our web design abilities but also our love. Before being a profession – web design was our hobby. We love what we do and we believe that’s the essence of excellent results. 

Weather you will choose a template design or completely individual one – we’ll advise you every step of the way. We know that users seek and look for on a webpage and we’ll help you position your information in the best way. 

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Why do you need a site?

Our packages come with all necessary for a good online precense.

Here are the main reasons to have a site, if you are still hesitating: 


We live in a digital world and your site is marketing tool #1. A standart person spends about 24h a week online. Users expect companies to have online precense (and we are not talking about social profile!) and believe a company without one is less professional. 


97% of users search for local businesses. 93% of all online actions begin with a search. There are over 3.5 billion searches in Google every day and right now – someone is searching for your services. Guess who he’s going to find – not you, unless you have a site. 

Find clients

Clients find you easier

63% of the users use a site with an intention to contact you. Combine that with the fact, that 93% of online actions begin with a serch. Another reason? Users usually choose between at least 3 sources when deciding to buy something. 30% of them automatically remove a source from the list, if it doesn’t have a site. 


The lack of a site makes the company less trustworthy. Actually 75% of the users say they make an assumption of a company based on it’s web design. People make business with those, whom they trust. And the site is the first thing they base their trust on. 


Create a site with attractive design, optimize it well for SE – and you will compete directly with the leaders in your niche. 

Social medias are not enough

You think you don’t need a site, since you are on Facebook.

You are wrong! You need a site, even if you have a Facebook page.

And guess what? It’s more and more difficult for businesses to contact the users on the platform. After the last update in Facebook Algorithms – the organic reach (the one you don’t pay for) is down even more. And to add to that – in 2018 people have spent 50 million hours less in the platform, compared to 2017.

Social medias can back up your business, but don’t rely on just one channel, especially in the future. You don’t actually owe the page, it’s property of the social media and you must follow their rules.

When you have a site – it’s your property and the rules are actually created by you. 

Your site begins with a name

You have an idea for your future site’s name? Check it’s availability and proceed with your quote request. 



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