Although online food ordering sites have been popular for years – only now, after the start of the pandemic, it became clear that a site can really have a big impact on business. We have prepared for you a special package with which you can quickly, easily and conveniently add your menu, with an option for online ordering, payment and delivery. Today it is not enough to have a simple information site for a restaurant – go to the next level.

Online food ordering site - what do we offer you?

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  • development of a site for online food ordering – based on the world’s most popular CMS
  • online ordering system – with convenient payments
  • unlimited number of menu items
  • unlimited number of categories for items
  • various options for product additives
  • 3 options to choose from when ordering: delivery to the address, pick-up from the restaurant and dinner on site
  • possibility to limit the delivery radius
  • minimum amount required for free delivery
  • minimum amount to place an order
  • possibility to set a different menu according to different locations (for a chain of restaurants, for example)
  • working hours for each location
  • different delivery price for each location
  • item evaluation system
  • possibility to choose delivery date and delivery time
  • possibility to set the maximum number of orders that the restaurant can accept for a certain time interval
  • various options for the visualization of the items – in grid diagram, in list view, in slide mode

Online food ordering site - how much does it cost?

The base price is 650лв (the price is temporarily reduced due to the urgent need of the establishments to sell online) includes everything described here. If you are interested in individual design, or adding more features – feel free to contact us .

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What type of business is this site suitable for?

Our online food ordering site package is suitable for any business that offers home delivery and / or pick-up (for pre-orders). These are restaurants (restaurants, confectioneries, cafes), as well as grocery stores – for food delivery.

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Development of a website for online food orders

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