Development of an online store PRO

We have been making online stores for years and based on our extensive experience we have created a package ” Online PRO store ” to meet all needs.

Only now at a promo price of BGN 990 BGN 890 .

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What do we offer you with this online store ?


Modern trends are increasingly leaning towards minimalism, white background with a clean design and large photos and banners. Following them, we offer you over 50+ pre-designed templates for your business, which are suitable for all types of products. The code is further optimized for speed.

Each template is customized according to the requirements of the brand and your content.

The largest number of people shop through their mobile device and the design is focused on phones and tablets .

Vision oriented to the most convenient use by phone:


One of our best-selling packages is the Ready Online Store . It includes everything you need for an e-shop.
Well, in the package for the development of the Online Store PRO is included even more, for maximum conversion of users into customers.

  • Product groups – make a group of products to buy together for a better price;
  • Often bought together – let consumers see which product they can combine with to boost sales;
  • Discount for more pieces – motivate by giving a discount when buying more than 1 piece;
  • Offer validity timer – announce in a clear way how long the reduced price is valid;
  • 360 degree images
  • Extremely comfortable stroller with option for notes, delivery calculator, information on the remaining amount until free delivery, entering a promo code
  • Currency switch
  • and more…

Want to use more marketing tools ? With the PRO online store you are ready for this:

  • number of product visits currently;
  • “Buy Now” button that redirects directly to an order;
  • LookBook;
  • product comparison;
  • approximate delivery date;
  • “Ask a question” on the product page;

SEO potential

One of the most important features of a site is its ability to be optimized for search engines such as Google . Not only should your online store be open. It must be designed so that with the right SEO strategy and optimization to stand at the forefront of search results. When a site lacks structural elements that are important for the SEO, regardless of the efforts you may not achieve the desired positions.

We offer you the creation of an online store, developed not only on the world’s most popular online trading platform. We offer you a store that uses the best system in terms of its ability for future SEO optimization.

The price

The official price for making an online store with this package is BGN 990.

Now, however, you can order it at a promotional price of BGN 890 . The number of features you will receive is really impressive, and you can see for yourself by looking at the demo that in addition to being functional, this site is also beautiful. Your customers will work easily with it, and you will have marketing tools to drive sales.

An offer not to be missed!

They have already trusted us:

online store pro

What else do we find important to know.

I have another question
Own online store

You get your own online store , for the production of which you pay once. You are not bound by subscription fees, where you can pay for 2 years, but if you stop for a month – you lose everything. Here you have access to the files and the database and you can back them up and save them forever.

Without limitations

You can upload as many products as you want in as many categories as needed. You can post an unlimited number of blog posts. Although you get a huge number of features – you have the opportunity to upgrade with over 6,000 extensions.

Ready for sale

When you order an online store from us, you receive it in a completely ready-to-sell form. All you have to do is upload all your products so that your users can access them. The design and functions of the store are adjusted by us to meet your requirements.

Complies with European and Bulgarian laws

Apart from the GDPR legislation, your online store is also compatible with the Bulgarian one. If your online store is subject to registration with the NRA according to Ordinance H-18 , then you should submit an audit file with sales every month. Due to the popularity of the platform – there is an extension that automatically creates this file.

This is yours
online store ?

And you think this is a great package for making an online store ?

Then let’s discuss your project!

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