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Divi for WordPress - is it really that good?

Divi for WordPress – is it really that good?

Divi is a great topic for many reasons. And MySuper.Site offers you the development of a website with Divi. It is suitable for almost any activity. Combines super graphics and a powerful page builder.

Let’s take a closer look.

Overview of the appearance of Divi

Let’s first look at what a site using Divi looks like. The theme adorns the content of the site, a content is as attractive as the theme allows. You will see that using Divi – your content can be presented visually in the most impressive way that users will enjoy.

Divi for WordPress - is it really that good?

Creating a site like the above requires quite good web design skills as well as programming knowledge if you are not using a page builder.

But with the Divi builder – the process is easy enough even for those who have no technical knowledge.

Divi ePanel

From ePanel you can set a lot of things that are important for each site. Under Main Options you can set logo, favicon, menu, social links and more.

Divi setup panel

Divi also has configuration settings in Appearance – Settings. From there you can choose the color scheme, site navigation, fonts, background image, widgets. In the latest versions of the theme there are even more settings.


After version 2.5 Divi, the theme also supports customizer modules, through the familiar WordPress theme configurator – live view. This adds many useful options that will help you create custom modules with ease. Here’s what it looks like:



Divi Builder – Powerful Drag & Drop tool

If you ask what is the best-selling aspect of the topic – these are the capabilities of the page builder.

Once you open Pages – Add New, you will notice the “Page Builder” button. And here begins the beauty.


At first glance, it doesn’t look special. But, working with it, you will realize that it offers much more than what is seen on the “surface”.

You can choose to load one of dozens of pre-created placements, or create your own. Pre-created placements exhaust almost all possibilities anyway.


The easiest way is to use a created placement and customize it according to your needs.

If you load the Homepage Shop layout – the builder will automatically load a complete schematic of an ideal shopping site.


As you may have guessed, it’s a good idea to start with a pre-created placement because it saves a lot of time. Of course, you can add sections, widescreen sections, modules to the already created layout.

When you add a new section – you cannot add modules because this section is not yet divided into columns. Columns are a way to divide this section into different widths based on the overall width of the site. With the widescreen sections you can add modules directly. Modules are an easy way to add features to the various positions on the page you are creating.

If you do not want to select columns manually – select a section with ready-made layouts and you will have a choice of a different number of columns and rows of different sizes.


After adding the desired number of sections and columns – it’s time to add the modules to complete the page. Divi Builder has many options to choose from.


In addition to adding modules – you can also add personal creativity and customize the design of the module. Including sections – you can add a background for each section and module, as well as other CSS settings.

Sections, columns and modules look like blocks with which you build your page. You can move them to the desired positions by dragging.

If the Divi Builder is the first tow builder you work with, it may seem a little difficult at first. But it takes very little practice to understand the basics.

Another useful thing is that the builder has a convenient importer that allows you to import placements from previous themes and sites. This way, you don’t have to make pages from scratch if you’ve already created them once.

How it looks ?

You have to build something simple. And you do it in an hour. How it looks?


It doesn’t take much effort to create a simple but effective and clean home page for your site.

Is it easy for beginners?

In the beginning, you may be confused by the opportunities that will unfold before you when you start working with the builder of Divi. But with a little practice – this is not a particularly challenging task. Of course, if you prefer – you can always turn to professionals like MySuper.Site to set up and create everything, and you only edit in the future.

Other options – languages and RTL

The topic has 32 built-in translations, including Bulgarian. In addition, it can be fully translated and supports RTL.

Divi Languages


Every site needs to be secure. WordPress is a secure platform. There are not many weaknesses, especially in recent years. Of course, you need to look for excellent security options. And Divi did not disappoint.

Divi for WordPress - is it really that good?

The engineers from Elegant Themes have tried to make their topic as secure as possible. Sucuri is one of the best security solution providers for WordPress sites. They have analyzed the code of the topic and confirmed that it is safe for your site.

Sites that use the Divi theme for WordPress

Divi serves thousands and thousands of sites. In order not to burden this post – in another one we share 30 great sites that use it.


The price of Divi for 1 year is $ 89. Of course, to have a complete site you need to have purchased a domain, hosting, installed and configured WordPress, as well as installed and configured Divi theme. This was followed by the creation of the necessary pages and their filling with content and functions, as well as the installation of all the necessary extensions for mandatory (eg cookies) and additional functions. MySuper.Site offers you ready-made packages with all 134 (to date) ready-made designs developed with Divi and all of the above at very attractive prices.

Divi for WordPress - is it really that good?
Here’s how we’ll end our review of Divi:


  • great for setting up without much technical knowledge
  • serving many purposes – ideal for freelancers, small agencies, various businesses, magazines, online stores
  • ability to create powerful landing pages without knowledge in HTML / CSS
  • one of the best page builders with pre-created layouts, sections and modules
  • aesthetic design and great graphics
  • compatible with WooCommerce, Aweber, MailChimp and Google Maps
  • useful documentation
  • lifetime updates
  • very good value for money


  • the range of possibilities is huge and can startle you (at least initially)
  • if you switch from Divi to another topic – the site will crash visually (but you should not have to change the topic)
  • not the best option for developers

Last thoughts

There are only a few topics (the one with which we develop our online stores from the package “ Ready online store “is among them), which offer so much. The creators of this theme have created and used all the features in a very intuitive way. It is suitable for almost all activities. You can create landing pages for specific purposes. You can also add your own CSS code with ease.

Overall – an excellent topic that can serve almost any niche and in excellent conditions.

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Divi for WordPress - is it really that good?

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