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How much does a site cost? Prices in 2021

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Price for website development *

How much a site costs, like anything with many options, depends on several elements. Will a CMS system be used, or will it be 100% handwritten code; whether a template will be used or will be customized to the maximum; what features will be needed. And here, with absolutely the same parameters, you will get quite different prices from different service providers. Some of the prices surprise even me: D, but that’s another topic. Value for money is what you should definitely look for. Tips on the topic – in this material.

* price for making a website in 2021.

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After the events of 2020. – Everyone wants to be online. The pandemic has shown businesses that it is almost mandatory today to have a website. Realizing this fact – people are wondering “How much does one cost site design ? “. There are as many answers here as there are business niches in the world – an awful lot. You, as non-professionals in this field, may not know what to check, how to make sure that what they offer you is enough and what your future costs will be. This is the purpose of this publication – to guide and facilitate your choice of partner.

[title text=”How much does a site cost – the code”]

For many years, there has been something called a “Content Management System” (CMS). The most popular one in the world is WordPress (this site, and many, many others you have seen on the net have developed on it, it officially powered over 40% of the sites ). Of course, she is not the only one, there are many more. Some of them are on a subscription basis (eg Wix, Shopify), others have freely accessible code, similar to WordPress (eg Joomla, Drupal). Creating a site based on a CMS system is much cheaper compared to a site built of 100% handwritten code (for which you need a programmer). A quick example – a simple informative WordPress site with a template-based design can cost in the range of BGN 150-400. For program code – the amounts are four digits.

When do you need a site with personally written code?

When CMS systems cannot offer the features you need. In 90% of cases – CMS systems are completely sufficient for your needs. For just one WordPress extension, which adds various features to your site are over 58,000 (in the official directory of WordPress, there are at least a few thousand more outside of it).

When you plan to order a website, especially if the price seems high – ask what code will be used.

CMS systems allow you to easily administer your content in the future. This means that for a change of a phone number, for example, you will not have to pay anyone to do it!

[title text=”How much does a site cost – design”]

You have found that your CMS system is sufficient. But again, you have a lot of different offers from companies that offer website development. Why? This is where design comes in. Generally speaking – you have 2 options.

Template-based design

You can preview the demo of the vision, with sample photos and sample texts. The template has already been developed, and the one who will make the site should replace this sample content with your real one. Of course, changes can be made – some elements removed, others added. But even before you order – you have some idea what things will look like. This option is cheaper because it requires less work. Sometimes the concern is that someone else may have a site that visually looks like yours. But, with almost 2 billion sites in the world – it is clear that there is always such a risk, no matter what type of design you use.

Design based on your individual criteria

With this option, there is no way to choose the vision in advance. You are not offered templates that you like, or your brand needs an individual design. Then you determine the vision – and no, I don’t mean you draw 1: 1 what should happen! This is the job of the web designer! You need to set some pre-frameworks, introduce the designer to your brand and present sample sites that you like (just so the web designer can understand what you like). Then – you let the person do the work;) Both in design based on template and in individual design – a true professional will structure things correctly, will direct the user to the right elements, but only in individual design you will feel the creative abilities of the designer . Therefore – and the price here is higher.

When do you need an individual design site?

If you are / plan to be a relatively well-known brand; if you are a representative (official importer) of a certain brand; if you don’t like any of the suggested templates; if you are very worried about using a template due to the higher risk of duplicating the vision – then you should choose the second option. Otherwise – the template will be enough for you.

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Website with individual design

Development of a website at Super Prices


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Website with template design

Development of a website at Super Prices



[title text=”How much does a site cost – the features”]

Currently, there are 2 types of the most popular types of sites according to the functions – ordinary informative sites and online stores . I will only hint that in fact the possibilities are almost unlimited – a real estate site, a site with an online hotel reservation system, a product catalog site, a site for travel agencies, a portfolio of websites, online dating sites and much more. But let’s say you fall into one of the 2 categories above – an information site or an online store. The features you need for these sites are strictly price determining. IN MySuper.Site we have developed ready-made packages from features based on experience. Of course – the more features needed, the more expensive the site.


Make sure that what you offer as functionalities you need! For a simple company site that presents the activities of your business, you hardly need the option to register users. But, multilingualism can be very helpful. Also make sure that adding features in the future is possible and easy. Just because you don’t need an additional language now doesn’t mean it won’t change in a year! Sometimes such small things are the reason for building the same site twice in a short period of time – which is both financially and time-consuming.

[title text=”How much is a site – consumables”]

Each site has its own consumables. The domain and the hosting are obligatory, the support is at the request of the client. Prices vary here as well. Some will offer you prices for making a website with consumables included for a certain period of time, others – without. This should not be decisive in your choice of partner, however. It is definitely one of the things with the least weight. But if you get almost similar offers from 2 companies, and the only difference is in the consumables – it may be a reason to stop at one instead of the other.

Sample prices

Domain – depending on the ending is between BGN 20 and BGN 80 per year

Hosting – depending on the provider and the parameters of the hosting, the prices per year start from BGN 50 (and can reach thousands, if you need specific hosting parameters, such as a manageable VPS, for example)

Support – depends on what type of site will be maintained, but they start from about BGN 100 per year (and again they can reach much more)

[title text=”How much does a site cost – additional costs”]

No sense in telling you now – this is one of the fastest growing industries, and one of the highest paid. There are a lot of “twigs” to the main niche. Website development is just the beginning – but things like SEO (site optimization for search engines like Google), advertising (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, etc.), copywriting follow. Unless you already have a wide range of customers – the site will be the means by which you will look for such. But, the site – being made does not guarantee that it will be found. The only way to ensure it is to invest in additional services such as advertising (at least in the first months), SEO and the like. Some will offer you prices that include these items. Others do not offer them at all.

What should you do?

Think before you stop at a partner who offers such a comprehensive service. Make sure he has the capacity to do what he promises. Ask for links to already optimized sites (I can promise you top positions, but will I be able to position you?), Ask for more evidence, check customer reviews on Google and Facebook. Make sure that it will do well with the development of the site before using it for SEO and advertising. Unfortunately, it may not justify your trust at the first stage of the work, and it will hardly be ok for you to commit to a contract with many conditions in such a case. Of course, the best option is to work with only one partner instead of 4. But remember – verification is the mother of knowledge. Just do a more in-depth analysis of your potential long-term partner.

[title text=”Conclusion”]

How much a site costs depends on many parameters. And, of course – in a competitive world – for the same thing you will get a lot of prices from different suppliers. However, there are a few basic things to check in the different bids that should be a major factor in pricing. A site built on a CMS system with a template-based design and without specific features is many times cheaper than a site with personally written code and a lot of features.

IN MySuper.Site the price for an informative site with a template design with included domain and hosting and all the necessary functions for this type starts from BGN 380. For online stores – from BGN 450. Individual designs are about 50% more expensive. A hotel site with a system for online reservations and payments, however, costs from BGN 990 upwards.

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How much does a site cost? Prices in 2021

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