Corporate Vision launched in December 2014 Since then, the magazine has been published monthly and reaches 155,000 business leaders, managers and experts.

For the Technology Innovator Awards

MySuper.Site with the Technology Innovator Awards of Corporate VisionCorporate Vision has the honor to present Technology Innovator Awards (awards for technological innovators) for the sixth consecutive year.

Covering a range of businesses, from software and hardware development to communications and manufacturing, the technology industry continues to pave the way for economic growth and provide businesses and individuals with the necessary tools to ensure the efficient operation of day-to-day activities within a variety of business needs. .

Innovation and advances in technology are crucial to ensure that new products and services can be developed and used that can facilitate the progress of economies and businesses. Therefore, the Technology Innovator Awards 2021 will focus on applauding innovation and will seek to reward those who have proven to be technology pioneers capable of providing solutions that meet a wide range of requirements.

They also seek to praise those who remain committed to demonstrating an exceptional level of excellence in this vital and ever-evolving industry.

The nominees are businesses from all over the world working in the field of technology. Each nominee for the Technology Innovator Awards is judged on their merits by the domestic panel. The Corporate Vision team collects information independently of various publicly available sources, which are evaluated together with materials provided by the nominee or by the nominee himself. The final assessment is determined on the basis of various criteria such as: business efficiency, longevity, business growth (continuous or rapid) and any significant innovation or feedback.

The MySuper.Site Award

MySuper.Site received the award “ Best Boutique Website Creating Services “- the best services for making boutique sites. Thanks for the recognition!

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MySuper.Site with the Technology Innovator Awards of Corporate Vision

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