MySuper.Site, founded in 2018 and based in Sofia, offers a great price-quality ratio for your new website creation and is dedicated to your success. The team prioritises strategy over design and is not interested in simply building your website. We want your website to function properly, and we’ve computed how to make it perform.

Web design services are widely available nowadays. However, it is critical to find a web designer who is up to date on the latest design trends, understands how users think and react, and even has some knowledge of psychology. Because, to be honest, all actions on your site will be influenced by how you affect the user’s senses.

Your website should not only provide information. It must be beneficial to you as an employee. We want to provide you with the most knowledgeable employee possible.

When developing a website, we believe that strategy should always come first. Your site’s goal should be to attract more targeted traffic and convert that traffic into customers, and we’re developing a strategy to accomplish that.

We can incorporate all of the different aspects of a good site that will bring you results based on our experience in creating and optimizing sites as well as working with other businesses like yours.

MySuper.Site’s CEO & founder, Petia Koleva Has a Proven Knack for Making Growth Happen: GoodFirms

The GoodFirms team approached Petia Koleva, the founder and CEO of MySuper.Site. Starting with the interview, Petia introduced herself and the company. She mentioned that I am the company’s founder and lead web designer. I’ve been a web designer for 8 years. During that time, I’ve completed hundreds of successful projects and received numerous awards.

She further talks about the story behind the company’s inception. She cites that I’ve spent years working in other web design companies. The time came for me to provide services the way I see them, and so I started MySuper.Site. Having a nice website is no longer sufficient; you must also have a website that assists the user in finding exactly what he is looking for. Only then will the website be useful to you, and this is precisely what My Super Site provides – we build effective websites.

Continuing further, she elaborates on services rendered by the company. Our goal when designing a landing page is not simply to make it “beautiful.” We concentrate on data and user experience; our primary goal is to facilitate the “transformation” of the user into a customer.

A landing page is an excellent marketing tool that must be used with care. It has the potential to boost your sales, and the combination of unique content, excellent product, and intuitive vision will ensure your success.

Today, the majority of Internet users access the Internet through their smartphones. This means that your prospective customers will almost certainly access your site via phone, tablet, and computer. If you do not provide the best experience on all devices and ensure that the site is easy to use on all of them, your competitors will. Ergo, the web designers at the company make sure to provide compatible web designs to the customers enabling them to grab their users’ attention at the first sight. Thus, creating an urge for a call to action for the customers’ user with attention-grabbing web designs; GoodFirms has ranked the company as the top web design company in Bulgaria amongst the listed ones on its platform.

Finally, Petia mentions that customer satisfaction is higher than 90% (even 95%), as evidenced by the average rating we have on Google (4.8 of 5) and Facebook (5 of 5). In order to make the website work for our client, we devise a strategy. We don’t just build pretty websites; we build effective websites that start with a strategy. We prioritise the needs of the customer while also incorporating industry best practices. As a result, you now have a website that converts.

The team provides email, phone, and chat support. They had a built-in support ticket platform on our website, but the client preferred to contact us via email or chat service rather than using the support platform.

Lastly, she mentions that MySuper.Site has been up and running for over 4 years. During that time, we’ve completed hundreds of successful projects, many of our clients continue to choose us when they need such services, and we’ve received awards such as “Women in Tech” from the Bulgarian “Website of the Year” competition in 2021. My Super Site, I believe, will continue to grow and become one of the leaders in companies that provide low to middle-budget web design services in Bulgaria. We find long-term partners in our clients, and we believe that their success is also our success. As a result, we’re concentrating our efforts on developing a website that accurately represents them.

Thus, having read the above-mentioned information shared by MySuper.Site’s founder & CEO, one can also go through the detailed one published at GoodFirms.

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Working as a Content Writer at GoodFirms, Anna Stark bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s dominant role lingers to form every company’s achievement and critical attributes into words. She strongly believes in the charm of words and equips new approaches that work, always with concepts, something new to create, and something unique to enhance the firm’s identity.


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MySuper.Site’s CEO & founder, Petia Koleva Has a Proven Knack for Making Growth Happen: GoodFirms

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