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Ready online shop

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What do you get with our ready online shop?

  • Your own store – we emphasize own because the store files and database are completely owned by you, unlike most systems where you pay a subscription fee;
  • site of the most popular system powering over 50% of the world’s websites, with over 50,000 extensions (of which 6,000 are for online stores alone). Over 30% of online stores worldwide (the largest share) are run with it;

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  • suitable for absolutely any kind of products – regular, virtual, with download option, with variations and more…;
  • the best platform for an online store in terms of SEO;
  • excellent mobile version;
  • Facebook integration – and given the thousands of extensions (free AND paid) the options are overwhelming;
  • easy administration panel;
  • ONE-TIME payment – no strings attached, no monthly fees, no hidden conditions.

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More than 30% of online stores worldwide are operated with WooCommerce



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[title style=”center” text=”Why is our ready online shop an excellent solution?” tag_name=”h2″]

Here are the main reasons:

  • you get your own store, which you can move wherever and whenever you want (we mean the files and databases), without being obliged to do anything (we have no additional fees and conditions);
  • no limit to the number of products and categories you can upload;
  • choose from over 10 designs, and for each design you can specify the color you want and express your preferences for placement in both the header (the top part of the template, which is present on all pages) and the footer (the bottom part, again present on all pages). And not only that! In the future you can always have a custom design made completely to your criteria, or you can choose from over 2,000 free and paid designs on the web;
  • the best online store platform worldwide in terms of SEO capability;
  • you get your store fully set up and ready to upload your products – all setup is done by us;
  • The store has all the necessary features for an excellent performance, BUT has the option to upgrade with over 6,000 more extensions for the platform;
  • last but not least – there is easy administration, you receive written instructions from us about the work and we assist you in case of difficulties in the work.

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[title style=”center” text=”What do we offer you with our online shop package?” tag_name=”h2″]

Here are the main features you can count on with our package. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert – working with administration is suitable for both.

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[accordion-item title=”Beautiful design with convenient mobile version”]

Your website will look great on any device.

[accordion-item title=”Without limitations”]

You can upload as many products and categories as you like.

[accordion-item title=”Any types of products”]

Your products can be plain, virtual (e.g. for services), downloadable (e.g. music), with variations (e.g. different colors, sizes, etc.).

[accordion-item title=”Inventory tracking system”]

If you want to use stock tracking – the platform has this built-in option.

[accordion-item title=”Convenient payments”]

Cash on delivery, PayPal,, 2Checkout, Stripe (for card payments), and many more…

[accordion-item title=”Many delivery options”]

Built-in delivery options are fixed prices (e.g. to office and to address), according to the weight of the products in the cart, free shipping (or over a certain amount), integration with Speedy. If desired – there are many, many options… Price according to distance from item A, integration with DHL and more…

[accordion-item title=”Desired products”]

Adding products to Wishlist and transferring them to the cart.

[accordion-item title=”Integration with Google Analytics”]

Keep track of visitors to your store and their background.

[accordion-item title=”Product evaluations”]

Engage your customers and encourage purchases by allowing customers to give feedback on your products.

[accordion-item title=”Easy order tracking”]

You receive your orders on the created business email, which you can link to your phone. This way you will know immediately when an order is placed.

[accordion-item title=”And many more possibilities”]

It is possible to upgrade your online store whenever needed. Interested in dropshipping with AliExpress? We have a solution! Interested in adding a portfolio? We have a solution! You have endless possibilities…




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Start your business now!

Do it the easiest way possible – order a website from us!

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Ready online shop

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