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social networks, marketing strategies and brand development

Help your business grow! We offer you innovative solutions based on our knowledge and experience to realize your projects.

Social media support and marketing
Social media support and marketing
Social media support and marketing

Social networks

Social media marketing and support - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

Marketing strategies

We work with both start-ups and established brands


We discover your brand's strengths to present them to your customers

Why is digital marketing important?

Information – the most valuable thing we could have!

Satisfying consumer hunger for the “new” – services, goods, trends, digitalization and technology is the big challenge for business and marketing.

There are many marketing techniques to achieve a successful business, but together we can develop the right strategy to present your brand, set goals for development and achieve success.

Social media support and marketing

Certainly for any consumer of products and services there are several invaluable premises on which they base their decision. One of the most important is brand positioning on social media, because the mass of consumers is 24/7 active online. Well-maintained business profiles on social media encourage consumers to want more information about a particular product or service until they feel familiar enough with the brand it is offered by.

It’s time to empower great products and services with your brand to be visible, accessible and recognized, and to win your customers over in the most convenient and enjoyable way. Analyses show that more than 20% of a brand’s social media followers become consumers and then loyal customers.

One step forward

Social media marketing and support

Social media profiles are your connection to your customers and it's critical that your brand is represented the right way on them. Knowing how to manage your personal Facebook or Instagram account is not enough and often businesses need a professional to manage their social media accounts.
Here are the steps we take after you hire us:

Social media support and marketing

Business Survey

We need to present you well to your customers and to do that - we research your business first.


We prepare posts that fit your brand, select media and hashtags.


The results of our actions will show you how important marketing really is for your business.

Social media support and marketing
Social media support and marketing


Social media account support is available in the form of several bundled services that would meet the needs of small and medium businesses as well as the expectations of larger companies.
By choosing one of our plans, you choose the professional marketing service for your brand

Social media support and marketing

Super Social

350 BGN / month

* prices are without advertising budget


Super social premium

550 BGN / month

* prices are without advertising budget

Super social luxe

850 BGN / month

* prices are without advertising budget

For each client without an existing business profile on social media, we could prepare an individual proposal for creating one.

For any client with an existing profile that needs to be renovated, we offer an audit and a proposal to update it.

What they include
monthly plans?

Packages can be combined for two or three social media. We will discuss the options with you when you choose a service.

With these posts, we will present the brand as engaged with topics that are of interest to social media users. We will define them together when we prepare the strategy for social media activities.

Communication that will attract the attention of customers to the brand and the products/services under it.

This little trick will draw users' attention to the pictures that accompany our posts.

We will add a # to each text to create your thematic messages and include the posts in our chosen news channels.

Here we will shape each look with your brand, achieve uniqueness and promote your brand vision.

Performance analytics is usually a service that is paid for or added to plans provided by marketing and advertising agencies. We decided that without it, we couldn't prove to you how important a brand's social media presence is. That's why each month we'll report our activity in a way that's easy for you - we'll define it together.

We do not think there is any need for clarification. We all know how important they are J

A highly workable tool for achieving key marketing objectives. We all love gifts, no matter what form they take: vouchers, branded materials, etc. In our experience, we almost always get a "Thank you! My prize is great, you're super!" - why shouldn't those happy social media users become your new customers?

We offer marketing solutions, inspired by future

Branding and strategies

For marketing to be useful to a business, it needs to be supported by a well-built strategy. In building a workable strategy, we explore the key marketing challenges and goals for your business.

When launching a new brand, the most important strategic goal is to increase the level of brand and product recognition. When we develop a strategy for a brand known in the market, in order to increase business, we will work on reaching a higher percentage of attitude and consumption. When we start working on the promotion of a new brand we aim at reaching the largest possible audience and brand recognition. There are many metrics to work with, but leave that part to us.

Our most important goal is a satisfied consumer – there is no better advertising than that!

Whether you’re starting a business now or running an existing one, we’ll discover your brand’s strengths, we know every customer wants a little more – let’s find out together what your “little more” is.

Social media support and marketing
Social media support and marketing
Social media support and marketing
Social media support and marketing
Social media support and marketing
Social media support and marketing
Social media support and marketing

What do our customers share?

Let's talk

We'll be happy to discuss your project and your goals, then provide you with a quote for the services you need.


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    Social media support and marketing

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