Stripe is now available for Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Romania, Cyprus and Malta. Thus, the countries it serves become 39 in number (29 of them in Europe). This way you can sell all over the world – conveniently and quickly.

The crisis with Kovid-19 has intensified the shift from offline to online business, and the need for a convenient financial infrastructure has become even greater. In recent months, traders in Central and Eastern Europe have exchanged thousands of millions of euros in payments via Stripe. The great news is that now in Bulgaria we will be able to take advantage of their services.

What does Stripe offer?

In short – you can register and use Stripe’s services to receive payments from your customers. They can do this via credit / debit card, for example. The system is used by brands such as Booking.com, Amazon, Unicef, Shopify.

More – here .

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